Why shoud I do a psychotherapy ?

To help everyday life.

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Starting a psychotherapy means doing a work on oneself. This will help you little by little to understand various situations of your days.


What can motivate to begin a psychotherapy ?

Anyone can start a psychotherapy for example to solve any difficult which is hampering your life : as a period of grieving, some anxiety, a disease, a nervous breakdown, a divorce, it can also be a series of failures or a lack of self-esteem.


To whom ?

I work with adults, young ones or older.


How is a session ?

We are sitting face to face, our discussions will focus on what is troubling you at this time, what you feel, or what you observe- I help you to expore these elements.
Emotions can always be told, your body can be there with your gestures or your pains.


How long does a session last ?

It lasts 45 minutes.