What is sophrology used for ?

Sophrology : a soft help

Sophrology is helping to get better, and to soothe everyday’s difficulty.
The benefits can be feel when you are doing the sessions but also much longer afterwards.

What can motivate to do a sophrology session ?

Whatever the reasons, there will be from 8 to 10 sessions in a all. After the 4th one, we discuss on the benefits and you decide to persue or not.
You can come for
  • Sleeping problems
  • Any pain
  • If you are dealing with some heavy medication like oncology
  • Preparation to any exam
  • Weight problem
  • Tinnitus


How does a session take place ?

At the beginning there will be a relaxation which should be physical and mental. You are getting more and more relaxed, you feel a deep wellness filling your body.

After this first step, you visualise what I say, it is about the situation which is a problem to you, the aim is to solve it with kindness.
Finally at your pace and rhythm, you will come back to the here and now, you leave the practice totally unstressed.


How long does a session last ?

It lasts 50 minutes.