Why should I see a sophrologist?

  You can do sophrology to feel better

Sophrology is a tender, efficient method aimed at reducing stress

and deeply improving mental and physical well-being. This is

achieved through breathing and mental visualisations.


  • The word Sophrology comes from ancient Greek:
  • SOS = serenity, harmony
  • PHREN = spirit, consciousness
  • LOGOS = science, study


Sophrology can be described as the study of  harmony within the

consciousness. Sophrology’s goal is to bring us back closer to a

state of healthy balance in both the body and the mind.


  • With sophrology, difficulties you may encounter in your everyday life such as : stress, physical or psychological pains, (nervous breakdown, despair), anxiety, weight problems, or sleeping ones…can be solved.


You will quit the practice totally relaxed as sophrology is based on well-being.


  • Confidentiality is the basis of my work, therefore the session is strictly confidential.
 How long does a session last?
  • A session lasts 55 mn.
How much does a session cost?
  • A session costs €50.