My training

I have been training in Transactional Analysis since 2004, I often do seminaries and I am working with other colleagues every month.
I am a member of IFAT : Institut Français d’Analyse Transactionnelle.
I also graduated in Psychology ( Master 1) at the University in Toulouse in 2018.
I passed my degree in Sophrology in 2007, I am a member of FFDS : Fédération Française de Sophrologie


What is transactional analysis ?

Transactional Analysis was born in the United States of America at the end of the 1950’s, then it really developped in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Eric Berne ( 1910-1970) invented this psychotherapy method.
It is a global approach which is taken into account the human at different levels: physical, emotional, psychological ones.
This psychotherapy is aiming at helping people to change. With the Transactional Analysis, the person can become aware of what is at stake in his every day life.

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Eric Berne


What is sophrology ?

You can do sophrology to feel better.
Sophrology is a tender, efficient method aimed at reducing stress and deeply improving mental and physical well-being. This is achieved through breathing and mental visualisations.
The word “sophrology” comes from ancient Greek
sos : serenity, harmony, phren : spirit, consciousness, logos : science, study.
Sophrology can be described as the study of  harmony within the consciousness. Sophrology’s goal is to bring us back closer to a state of healthy balance in both the body and the mind.
The sophrology will help you to find your own resources, to develop them and to adapt to your needs.
It was invented by Dr Caycedo ( 1932-2017). He was a neuro-psychiatrist, I got inspiration from various methods such as yoga, and zazen to create sophrology in the 1970’s.

Dr Caycedo